Follow my NEW Buzznet. :)

So you are probably wondering, "Why Stacey! Why a new Buzznet?!" Well honestly I will answer your question. :D I got a new Buzznet because honestly…
thestaceyjean Apr 10, 2013
We'll walk upon these streets and think of little else.pic

We'll walk upon these streets and think of little else.

This is a closer shot of the same building that I've posted previously. I thought it was 35 cents for shoes, well I was mistaken…
Then I drift off and dream.pic

Then I drift off and dream.

Watching Ghost Hunters right now and about to eat some supper. I'm having Salsbury steak with mashed potatoes and corn. Yum! :-) I will be…

Changing up and breaking all my rules ever since we met - Fashion Fotos Inspiration

So I figured why not do a gallery of some of the newest and some of my personal favorite shoots from fashion. I love photography…
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thestaceyjean Mar 25, 2013
I know you like it, I know you like itpic

I know you like it, I know you like it

Hello everyone. I hope you guys all had a lovely weekend and also a good Monday. :-) I am doing pretty good. Things were a…

Wednesday Inspirations: 3/20/2013

Currently Listening To: "Permanent December" by Miley Cyrus I can't believe it's already hump day. Lol. Cooper, my cat, is wrapped in a little ball right next…
OOTD - 3192013 Not knowing what I had.pic

OOTD - 3/19/2013 "Not knowing what I had."

Hello Buzzketeers. ;) Lol. I hope you are all doing well this Tuesday evening. I hope your day was good. I didn't do much today…
OOTD - 03182013pic

OOTD - 03/18/2013

Hello Buzzneters. I haven't been able to really get online on here or anywhere really to make a post or anything. :( I am sorry…
'd rather go dreaming, believing in something, better than in mepic

'd rather go dreaming, believing in something, better than in me

Hi. How are you all doing? :) I had a great Saint Patricks Day and I hope you did too. I just went over to…
Just can't seem to wake up this aching heart of minepic

Just can't seem to wake up this aching heart of mine

Yet another picture from all the pictures I have of fall in Downtown Russellville. :) Me and Mike (my roomie) are watching Weather Caught On…

Saturday Inspirations - 3/9/2013

These are my current inspirations for today. :) These are my inspirations for the 9th of March, 2013. Enjoy! <3 I hope you guys are having…
Once the sun did shine, And Lord it felt so finepic

Once the sun did shine, And Lord it felt so fine

I know that a lot of you have requested that I had more of my photos of downtown Russellville and I'm promising to eventually post…

Maybe it's just the secret...

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. It seems like yesterday it was Monday and now it's already middle of the week!! :) The weekend is…
The first time you kissed my lips I knew I was meant for you.pic

More beautiful than words could ever say.

Hello everyone. How are you doing this Monday? I hope you are doing well and your week is starting at least relatively normal or what you…
My powers, though, will never be diminished.pic

My powers, though, will never be diminished.

This is an older picture that I had on my computer and I don't think I had uploaded it to Buzznet. I have tons of…
Meet Sly Cooper. _pic

Meet Sly Cooper. =^_^=

I have not been on Buzznet in so long and I do hope you guys can forgive me for not being on that much. Me…

Update Soon!! :-)

I will be updating with a blog later tonight and with some pictures as well. I will tell you guys a lot that's been going…
thestaceyjean Feb 17, 2013
New Profile Look! : Getting ready for February already. pic

New Profile Look! :) Getting ready for February already. ;)

"Love is in the air..." :) Got my profile all ready for Valentines Day!!! :D What do you think?
Duckey Face!!! Quack Quack! pic


For the Assignement #24 we are to discuss what traditions or something about our New Years Eve celebrations in our country. My country is the…
Happy Belated Christmas!!!pic

Happy Belated Christmas!!!

I was unable to get online yesterday for Christmas, but I did want to tell you that we actually got a white Christmas. We haven't…
Instagram: Dark Elf in Skyrimpic

Instagram: Dark Elf in Skyrim

Playing Skyrim. I am a Dark Elf, level 3. :) I am so addicted to this game. Lol. Thinking of making me some breakfast. Good…
thestaceyjean Dec 18, 2012
Instagram: Welcome to the lands of Skyrim.pic

Instagram: Welcome to the lands of Skyrim.

I dont know if you guys play video games, but if you do...I do advise you play, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I asked for…
thestaceyjean Dec 17, 2012
Instagram: Doing homework...pic

Instagram: Doing homework...

Doing homework before I head to bed. Fun times!! This is homework for work. :-P Ive got CPR and First Aid training tomorrow morning bright…
Even in Skylander they celebrate Christmas...LOOK AT SPYRO! :pic
Instagram: Our Christmas Tree.pic

Instagram: Our Christmas Tree.

Oh my gosh, I just now figured out that Buzznet works on my mobile web and so if I am away from my computer I…
Hello, from Skyland. :- Greetings, Spyro.pic

Hello, from Skyland. :-) Greetings, Spyro.

This is a picture of my good friend from Skyland, Spyro. You may know him from the beginning on the Playstation system as Spyro: The…
Coke: The Original Formula.pic

Coke: The Original Formula.

I love coca-cola. I don't know about you, but I love coke. :P I don't think I have ever liked any other soda pops...although, I…
Making up for lost times.pic

Blog 11/1/2012: Late Happy Halloween.

Hey Buzzneters, Sorry I haven't been online or active that much in this community. It sucks when my phone's internet kind of messed up so I…
thestaceyjean Nov 01, 2012
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Comedies, Drama, Reality TV

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:-), Any that are worth reading

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